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How to Reserve a Unit in Lancaster New City

How to Reserve a Unit at Lancaster New City

How To Reserve a Unit at Lancaster New City

Easy steps and procedure on how to reserve a unit in Lancaster New City. Here, we will answer frequently asked questions about reserving a house in Lancaster New City. 

Steps and procedure in reserving a house

- Fill-up completely and sign a Buyer’s Information Sheet and Reservation Agreement  form. A representative may sign in Buyer’s behalf.
- Submit them to Profriends’ Reservation Officer for verification.
- Onced approved, pay the reservation fee to the Cashier.
- Receive, bring home and read all loan documents given by the Reservation Officer.
- Be sure you read and understood the terms and condition in the Contract to Sell.
- Congratulations! The Unit house is reserve in your name for 30 days.

- The Reservation Fee closes the sale on a first-come, first served basis.

- Reservation payment will hold the house for you.
- No payment, No reservation.
- It forms part of the down payment or equity
How much is the Reservation fee?
depends on model house

Manor – Php 7,500.00
Alice, Anica, Catherine, Diana, Thea - Php 10,000.00
 Adelle, Mabelle, Denise – Php 20,000.00
Chessa, Briana, Candice - Php 40,000.00
Sophie, Margaret, Gabrielle, Alexandra – Php 40,000.00

Please take note:
Reservation is not transferrable or non-refundable

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