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Avail Amazing discount on Gabrielle House in Lancater New City


Time is ticking! Avail of our Amazing 700k discount on Gabrielle Single Attached Home!  Promo is ONLY until June 30, 2022.   Reserve now!

To know more about our Single Attached Homes, visit our website:
Contact us! 0999 997 7995 / 0906 306 6330

Here are the promo mechanics:
1. The discount shall be applicable to qualified buyers upon the buyer’s booking of the unit.
2. The discount shall be applied to the Total Selling Price of the house models upon notification by CRG of a new booking. Applicable LMF and VAT will be computed thereafter.
3. The 700K discount is applicable to the first 20 bookings per month for Alexandra, Gabrielle, Margaret, Colleen, Candice and Haven Single Attached Homes during the promo period.
4. Promo runs from January 1 to June 30, 2022.

Lancaster New City

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