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MacroAsia New Water provider of Lancaster New City


MacroAsia New Water provider of Lancaster New City


We apologize for the inconvenience brought about by the service interruptions.

We are already deploying service crews to the affected wells to remedy the situation. 

The water system is currently being comprehensively reviewed. 

Together with Naic Water, a unit of Macro Asia, we are developing a plan to improve both the presence and quality of the water. 

The plan will commence by May when we expect a unit of Naic Water to come in as the water provider. Macro Asia has extensive water operations in Nueva Vizcaya, Bulacan, Albay, Naic, and Boracay. 

We encourage residents to store enough water for their use while exercising consideration for others. We will augment supply through water delivery, whenever necessary. 

We will keep you updated on developments.

Lancaster New City

To God be all the glory