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New Lancaster New City Vehicle Sticker 2020

New Lancaster New City Vehicle Sticker 2020

An IMPORTANT REMINDER: The strict implementation of the NEW Lancaster New City vehicle sticker starts on JULY 1, 2020.

Apply for your Sticker NOW! To help manage the volume of guests in the CCC, please secure an appointment by calling the CCC Hotline: (0917) 582-2506 and (0920) 401-9291 or message us via The Loop, Lancaster New City Official Facebook Page.

- Proof of homeownership or residence (Authority to Move In, Proof of Billing or Contract to Sell)
- If a tenant, notarized copy of Contract of Lease
- Copy of LTO Official Receipt for payment of Car Registration (original or photocopy)
- Copy of LTO Certificate of Registration (original or photocopy)
- 1 Valid ID
- Vehicle Sticker Application Fee is 150.00

Lancaster New City Vehicle Sticker is valid until December 31, 2021